Masaya Dobermans


"Calendar Cover"

Introducing Masaya Doberman Calendars
We thank everyone who participated in our calendar contest and showcased their Masaya Doberman!!!  We hope to continue this new tradition with future contests and publications.  So keep your cameras handy.

Calendars are $15.00 for the 1st and $12 for each subsequent calendar. 
Pay by check, money order, or PayPal to:

Brandi Williams
PO Box 1042
Jeffersonville, IN 47731

Brandi Williams-Overton, Louisville, KY 270-307-5775

Website issues contact:

Brandi Williams-Overton has owned and trained Dobermans since 1997. She has worked and trained Dobermans in pet therapy, agility, obedience, and schutzhund. Cinders (aka Swift Run’s Volcan Masaya) was bred by Tammy Marshall-Weldon of Swift Run Dobermans (Thank you Tammy for this wonderful dog!). Brandi and Cinders train weekly in protection, tracking, and obedience near Louisville, Kentucky. Masaya Dobermans only breeds occasionally. Masaya Dobermans strives to produce working Dobermans with stable loyal temperaments and good work ethic for obedience, search and rescue, schutzhund, agility, tracking, law enforcement, and protective home companions. 


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